There are lots of companies that can decorate, enlarge and refurbish buildings and venues, but not many who are committed to maintaining their work after finishing the job. Luckily enough, we are one of the few who are.

Facilities management is an important service that we offer as commercial builders

Facilities management is extremely important to us because we are as keen to see the end results of our work as we are to ensure everything is kept in good condition in order to prevent failure or degradation.

Reactive building maintenance is vital for commercial properties

We are experts in reactive building maintenance which is vital for keeping your commercial premises looking its best. For us, the job is never complete as maintenance, which can go on for many months or even years, is just as – if not more – important as the construction or refurbishment itself in our opinion.

If you choose us to refurbish or construct a commercial building project, you will be in the careful hands of a company which not only focuses on doing a good job, but also maintaining your property afterwards.

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Our Clients include

Gibson Hall

Tate & Morgan decorated Gibson Hall and provided full carpentry and maintenance services here a few years ago. They currently return every couple of months to check the 30ft wide glazed domes for cracks or scrapes – something many companies would not bother doing! I can happily say that Tate & Morgan are the best construction company I have ever worked with and will ever work with.

Midsummer House

The exterior of Midsummer House was not at all appealing to the eye before we contacted Tate & Morgan, but now it is absolutely beautiful. The best part is that on top of the refurbishment the team even returned to check how things were holding up. I would not hesitate to use them again in the future.

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