Fire Doors Installed at Cliffs Pavilion in Southend, Essex

Tate and Morgan building contractors in Wickford Essex were recently awarded the contract to install fire safe doors in Cliffs pavilion after a successful tender process.

Cliffs Pavilion is a theatre and therefore a building open to the public.  Under fire safety regulations enacted in 2005, these sorts of premises have strict regulations regarding fire safety including the fire safe doors in the building.

What are fire doors?

This is a door specifically designed to prevent fire or smoke from spreading throughout a building. These doors keep a fire contained in one area, which gives those in the building time to escape and the fire service longer to rescue anyone trapped or to put a fire out. Fire safety is very important therefore in a building such as a theatre or other business premises, schools, hotel and offices.

Replacement of old doors for new 

The tender Tate and Morgan won was for supply and installation of all the doors within Cliffs Pavilion, removing the old doors and replacing the doors with the correct fire safety approved doors and frames and signage, to meet the current safety regulations.

Doors were designed and built especially for the auditorium

Our expert in-house team designed and created doors for the auditorium to comply with the 60-minute fire regulations in force as requested by the client at the venue,  but these doors also had to fit in with the style and elegance of this lovely old theatre building.

Our design skills meet fire safety regulations 

It was a complex task to marry up the design with the necessary fire safety regulations. The doors were designed to match the outer doors with their multiple vision panels and be consistent with the design of the auditorium, with the required restricted light for performances.  This building contract took a total of 18 weeks to complete and the results were amazing.

About 188 doors were installed on this building contract

Our team worked closely with Cliffs pavilion covering day and night shifts, to ensure that the venue stayed open and no performances were impaired by the building work. Around 188 fire safe doors were fitted with signage, kick plates and closers, including asset tagging of doors.

Cliffs pavilion stayed open for live performances throughout the building work

Cliffs pavilion was able to operate as a live theatre throughout the contract.  We always ensure that we come up with an arrangement that doesn’t impair the businesses we work with as we understand how important this is.

Fire Safety regulations for doors

All doors were fitted subject to Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 – Fire safety legislation for doors and Tate and Morgan provided full certification for all the doors installed under the company’s IFC accreditation.

If you require further information on fire safety, and passive fire protection go to the passive fire protection page or contact us.






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