Energy saving initiatives with government grants

Never has the pressure been greater to protect the environment and the first place to start this is by saving energy within our homes.

From September the 1st the government are further endorsing this message with a collection of energy saving initiatives that will not only be environmentally friendly but will also help us save money on our monthly fuel bills. These energy-saving initiatives cover a range of works such as cavity wall insulation, new windows and doors, loft insulation and they help to make your home warmer, reduce the energy you use, keep costs down and help the environment. We have experience in all these areas and can offer the following energy saving services.

Solid wall insulation 

We can apply insulation boards on both internal and external walls, which again helps keep heat in your home and reduced the cost of your heating as it’s not escaping through your walls.

Cavity wall insulation helps save energy

Cavity insulation is where an insulating substance in injected into the gap between your walls. This simple injection application to cavity walls is quick and relatively non-disruptive but has a big impact on the warmth of your home and your fuel bills.

Roof and loft insulation keeps heat in and saves energy

With the installation of ‘slabs’ or spray foam to existing roof and loft voids, you can keep heat in your home. Loft insulation also keeps heat from leaving through the ceilings in your house and saves you money.

Window and door replacement means a warmer house and less energy used 

Window and door replacements - Energy Saving initiative from the government Fensa Approved from Tate and Morgan builders EssexTo benefit from the grants within the scheme for window and door replacement, you will need FENSA triple or double-glazed windows. Our installation experts are fully FENSA certified and we can supply and fit a range of replacement windows and doors to suit your needs and taste. Triple and double-glazed windows and doors have multiple benefits, better security and your house stays warmer for less money, plus you help the environment.

Draught proofing 

We can supply and fit various options that will draught proof all windows and doors and help to keep heat in and reduce energy costs.

Boiler conversions 

Government energy-saving initiatives and eco schemes for boilers - Essex Builders Tate and MorganConvert your existing boiler to a more economical condensing boiler. Our installation experts are CORGI and Gas Safe registered and we can advise on various manufacturers and types of gas boilers that will suit your requirements.

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Old School House

Tate & Morgan did a fantastic job decorating the Old School House. The wallpapering and various refurbishments they undertook look absolutely beautiful and we would highly recommend the hardworking and committed team.

The Maltings

Tate & Morgan took care of everything for us – the electrics, shutter installations, building a brick wall for the garden and fully refurbishing a bathroom. We definitely chose the right company for the job and would undoubtedly use them again in the future.

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