Loft, garage, kitchen and bathroom conversions

With growing families and the different ways in which we use our homes there is a greater demand for conversions of existing rooms within houses.  Moving is expensive and stressful, so often the solution is re-purposing a garage or a loft conversion and switching rooms about to create more space in your house.

Loft and garage conversions

We are experts in the technical aspects of loft and garage conversions and can carry them out ensuring minimum impact on your daily family life.

The most common conversion of spaces tend to be garages and loft conversions. Garages are often turned into bedrooms and dining rooms or in some cases kitchens are moved to create more space in the house a give a larger, better kitchen. The same principles apply on these projects but usually they’re more design led to ensure maximum use of the newly generated space.

We can project manage your loft or garage conversion

We offer a project management service for your loft or garage conversion or any other building works we undertake, to remove some of the stress and work from you.  We will ensure you understand the conversion project before we start and lead you through the planning requirements, design and building phases and because of our detailed and extensive quoting information that there will be no unpleasant surprises as the building project progresses.

Kitchen and bathroom conversions

The biggest concern with bathrooms and kitchens is plumbing. We can make this effortless with our accredited team of plumbers. Once this has been taken care of we will set to work on the other foundation requirements; electrical and plastering. Following on from this the fun part starts with our design service which will encompass everything from plastering to painting and then the  varying options in floor coverings. Everything you need to make your new kitchen or bathroom space complete.

We can quote on a full range of range of residential building services and we operate throughout the UK, although we’re based in Essex, so if you require further information on our nationwide building services, please call us on 01268 765 377 or email



We initially asked Tate and Morgan to quote for our driveway as they are members of the Guild of Master Builders which gave us the reassurance we needed as we didn’t have any first-hand experience of a builder near us. Wayne was fantastic on the initial site visit and gave us some great suggestions on how to use the space to the best advantage. The quote was not the cheapest we received, but Wayne took us through all the detail and having seen his team in action and what they did, I am totally confident that we made the right choice in terms of quality and durability. We are delighted with the end result and didn’t hesitate when requested to write this testimonial.

The Maltings

Tate & Morgan took care of everything for us – the electrics, shutter installations, building a brick wall for the garden and fully refurbishing a bathroom. We definitely chose the right company for the job and would undoubtedly use them again in the future.

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